featuredimage RAMP and the CHHC: Promoting Healthy Housing in California

As a founder and member of the California Healthy Housing Coalition, RAMP was pleased to join more than one hundred ...

Asthma in the News

“Asthma Prevalence in California” Report Updated by California Breathing

California Breathing, California’s state asthma program, has updated its “Asthma Prevalence in California” report assessing asthma prevalence and how it varies depending upon a variety of demographic characteristics. Key findings of the report include: Approximately five million Californians have been diagnosed with asthma Asthma prevalence hasn’t changed significantly since 2001 and the highest prevalence is […]

Policy Action Alert

Support Medicaid Reimbursement for Asthma Education and Home Environmental Trigger Assessments in California

RAMP has been working hard to bridge clinical care and community-based prevention in a variety of ways. We know that prevention-oriented services reduce unnecessary emergency department visits and hospitalizations, yet aren’t systematically accessible, particularly for low-income patients. So, we are extremely pleased to sponsor California legislation to support Medicaid reimbursement for asthma education and home […]

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