featuredimage The Asthma and Health Benefits of Connecting with Weatherization and Energy Efficiency Programs

Housing conditions play a significant role in health. Healthy homes are dry, clean, safe, well- ventilated, pest- and contaminant-free, well-maintained, ...

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Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Releases 2016 National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Report

The US Department of Health and Human Services’ Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has released their 2016 National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Report. The report uses more than 250 measures of quality and disparities and covers a broad array of health care services and settings. In the report, researchers found “the largest disparities were […]

Policy Action Alert

Governor Vetoes Bill Increasing Access to In-Home Asthma Services in California

Unfortunately, on Friday, October 13th, California Governor Brown vetoed AB 391 (Medi-Cal: Asthma Preventive Services). Without a doubt this is a setback to our efforts to increase access to proven and cost-effective asthma interventions. However, it’s certainly not the end of our work. In 2016 we engaged with the California Department of Health Care Services […]

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