featuredimage The Asthma and Health Benefits of Connecting with Weatherization and Energy Efficiency Programs

Housing conditions play a significant role in health. Healthy homes are dry, clean, safe, well- ventilated, pest- and contaminant-free, well-maintained, ...

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Protecting Our Health Near Busy Roadways

When it comes to real estate, the adage is “location, location, location.” The same could be said for public health and housing: research continues to show a link between housing’s proximity to busy roads and concerns such as asthma, lung cancer, heart attacks, dementia, autism and childhood obesity. For a startling example, look no further […]

Policy Action Alert

Urge the CA Governor to Increase Access to In-Home Asthma Services in California!

RAMP is thrilled to report that the California Legislature passed AB 391 with near unanimous, bipartisan support! AB 391, which will increase access to patient education and home trigger assessments, now heads to the Governor’s Desk! We couldn’t have achieved this milestone without the support of so many of you. Thank you! Your hard work […]

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