Coalition Support

coalition support
We believe that local asthma coalitions are essential for addressing the problem of asthma in California. Coalitions are at the heart of RAMP’s work. We believe that local coalitions function most effectively and have the greatest collective impact when they are part of a larger network, be it regional or at the state level. That’s where RAMP comes in.

What is an asthma coalition?

An asthma coalition is a group of individuals and organizations representing diverse interests who agree to work together to achieve common goals that will improve the lives of people with asthma.
What are the benefits of addressing asthma through a coalition?

Coalitions can share resources; fundraise collectively, collect data , and create materials; develop consistent messages and gain media attention; and have more power to change policy than an individual person or organization can on its own.

Within an asthma coalition, who’s at the table?

Common partners include: Local health department staff (asthma/chronic disease staff; lead programs; anti-tobacco programs; etc.); clinics, hospitals, and medical providers; community-based organizations; community residents; lung health organizations; schools; child care groups; advocacy organizations; and environmental health and/or environmental justice organizations.

How can RAMP help your asthma coalition?

RAMP has over 15 years of experience assisting asthma coalitions. We have assisted coalitions with strategic planning, grant writing, budget development, program implementation, evaluation and other problem solving. We have also helped to develop new asthma coalitions, providing direct technical assistance and facilitating peer-to-peer support. Feel free to contact us for guidance and tools.

In addition, if you are focused on or interested in reducing environmental triggers of asthma through policy change, please consider joining Community Action to Fight Asthma.

How can I find an asthma coalition in my area?

Feel free to contact us; we’re happy to try to connect you to a local asthma coalition within California.