About RAMP


RAMP Vision Statement
RAMP envisions healthy communities where asthma is reduced and well-managed, and the health, social, and environmental inequities that contribute to the unequal burden of the disease are eliminated.

RAMP Mission Statement
RAMP’s mission is to reduce the burden of asthma through a comprehensive approach, ranging from clinical management to environmental protection. We collaborate, coordinate, share resources, advocate, and promote policy change in order to reduce inequities, strengthen asthma prevention efforts, and improve management for all communities.

Our Strategic Plan
With a complex chronic condition like asthma, there is no single or simple solution. However, we know a lot about the factors that contribute to the disease and the great disparities that we see in who suffers from the disease. Through a combination of evidence and innovation, we are also learning about the programs and policies that address these factors. Our strategic plan outlines the goals of RAMP over a three year period beginning in September 2012. The plan builds on past successes and continues to move closer toward reducing the burden of asthma. We believe this plan, shaped by the contributions of many partners and allies, represents the interests and needs of a wide variety of constituents and will help the organization achieve its mission. Please see the executive summary for more details.

Learn More About RAMP
In addition to our strategic plan, we developed the short video below to give our partners, funders, policymakers and the public a better sense of our work. Feel free to contact us for additional information, and to join us in our efforts!



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