Policy & Advocacy


RAMP recognizes that policies – laws, regulations, and protocols – play a large role in shaping our behavior, our environment, and ultimately our health.  Local housing laws help tenants and landlords to prevent or remove indoor asthma triggers such as mold and pests.  Regulations improve the air we breathe by reducing the amount of diesel pollution produced by trucks and busses.  Clinical protocols ensure culturally appropriate health care.

RAMP believes that promoting policies that improve health conditions outside of an individual’s control is a necessary step toward creating long-term solutions to the burden of chronic diseases such as asthma.  To this end, RAMP is committed to working with communities, health and environmental advocates, and other stakeholders to support the creation and implementation of policies that reduce environmental risk factors for asthma and promote good clinical care.

Learn more about our policy priorities, the current policies we support, and view a tool to educate decision-makers about the problem of asthma and the need for environmental policy changes.

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