Current Policies

RAMP engages in a wide range of policy efforts aimed at addressing the burden of asthma.  These efforts range from sponsoring state legislation on health housing issues such as pest infestations and mold in homes, to participating in regional and state level regulatory campaigns to improve outdoor air quality, to shaping healthcare financing to support proven asthma interventions.

Healthy and Stable Housing

In partnership with members of the California Healthy Housing Coalition (CHHC), RAMP is working to improve enforcement tools available to hold landlords accountable for maintaining safe and healthy housing, with a focus on addressing slumlords and repeat code violators.

Additionally, because of the negative health and equity impacts of housing instability, RAMP is supporting efforts of our affordable housing and tenants’ rights partners to address the state’s housing crisis, including legislation to preserve and expand affordable housing and to protect tenants from displacement and homelessness.

Healthy Air for All

Promoting transformational changes to the state’s freight system

RAMP is addressing the health problems and social inequities created by the state’s freight transportation system – the network of ships, ports, trains, rail yards, distribution centers, trucks, and other equipment that move goods in and across California. In addition to those goods, the freight system brings pollution and quality of life burdens to too many communities, especially low-income communities and communities of color. RAMP and its allies in the California Cleaner Freight Coalition are pushing the California Air Resources Board and other agencies to adopt regulations and incentive programs to speed up the transformation to the zero emission system we need.

Promoting public health and equity through the Community Air Protection Program

RAMP, as part of the Ditching Dirty Diesel Collaborative (DDDC) and in collaboration with other partners, is working to maximize the benefits from the Community Air Protection Program. Created by AB 617 in 2018, the Program is a major effort to address multiple sources of pollution in the state’s most inequitably burdened communities.

Health Care Equity

Expanding Access to Asthma Home Visiting Services

For several years, RAMP has worked to increase access to asthma home visiting services, particularly for people with poorly controlled asthma. Robust evidence indicates asthma education and in-home trigger assessments and remediation improve health outcomes and reduce health care costs.

In 2019, the state of California appropriated $15 million to support asthma home visiting programs. The Asthma Mitigation Project will support local health departments, medical providers and community-based organizations to offer asthma home visiting services, including education and environmental trigger mitigation. The appropriation is the first of its kind in California.

The budget victory was led by RAMP, in collaboration with the California Pan Ethnic Health Network, Children Now, legislative champion Senator Melissa Hurtado, and a wide range of partners in the field.

Even with this win in place, there’s more to do. Short-term, RAMP and our partners are supporting the Center at the Sierra Health Foundation, which is administering the funding, by providing technical assistance to Project grantees. Additionally, RAMP is continuing to push for more sustainable funding from Medi-Cal.


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