Fresno/Clovis Participants Needed for Children’s Health Study

The UC Berkeley Children’s Health & Air Pollution Study-San Joaquin Valley (CHAPS) is exploring some exciting and important questions:

  • Are the reported associations between outdoor air pollution and asthma onset and exacerbation the result of pollutant damage to immune system regulatory T-cells?
  • Are there neighborhood-level and social characteristics that exacerbate air pollution’s effects on adverse pregnancy outcomes such as low birth weight and prematurity?
  • Does exposure to outdoor air pollution during critical periods of fetal development increase the chance of structural birth defects?

The study is in need of Fresno/Clovis youth participants, especially asthmatics, to help answer the first question. Participation details are below and in the these English/Spanish flyers. Bilingual staff are on site.

*What is this study about?*

CHAPS-SJV is a study that explores how air pollution may make children more prone to developing lung disease.

Who is doing this study?

Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley and Stanford Medical School.

What does this study involve?

Children enrolled in this study will make one visit to our office with their parent/guardian.

Who is eligible to participate in this study?

All children (10-18 years old) living in the Fresno/Clovis area are eligible to participate.

Will I get paid for being in this study?

Each child that completes the one-time office visit will receive a $50 *Target* gift card.

*Please contact the CHAPS office for more information: 559-294-6700.