End-of-year support for RAMP, please make a donation

Dear RAMP Partner—

Asthma may not receive a lot of media attention, but people like you and I—who devote our time and energy to addressing the problem of asthma—know that it is a serious problem, affecting 1 in 7 Californians. We also know that it disproportionately affects low-income communities and communities of color. One in five African Americans in California has been diagnosed with asthma and the number of Latinos diagnosed with asthma increased by half a million between 2001-2009. Asthma is a burden that cannot and should not be ignored.

Fortunately, there are organizations like Regional Asthma Management & Prevention (RAMP) promoting strategies to address asthma through approaches ranging from clinical management to environmental protection. Next year will be my 10th year as the Director of RAMP. My commitment remains strong, not only because of the incredible need, but because I see how our work changes lives and makes communities stronger and healthier.

Now, with federal budget cuts and a struggling economy, our ability to continue our great work is at risk. Your contribution of $25, 50, 100 or more will help RAMP maintain our programs and will improve the lives of children and families affected by asthma.

A few of RAMP’s recent successes include:

  • The passage of three California bills this year that will reduce environmental triggers of asthma at schools and surrounding ports, supported by a RAMP-led statewide network of community asthma coalitions.
  • National recognition for RAMP’s advocacy efforts to promote diesel reduction regulations, cited as a successful example of eliminating disparities.
  • Over 150,000 Asthma Action Plans distributed for free to clinicians across the country, enhancing the quality of asthma care in accordance with the national guidelines.
  • Training and support for Community Health Outreach Workers, who are instrumental in educating and supporting families affected by asthma.

We need your help to continue these efforts and the many others that form RAMP’s comprehensive approach to reducing the burden of asthma. Visit our website (www.rampasthma.org) and talk to our staff and partners to learn more.

Please make your tax-deductible contribution today. Your support is greatly appreciated—every single penny counts!
Warm regards,
Anne Kelsey Lamb, MPH
Director, RAMP

RAMP’s Partners Describe the Benefits of Our Work
“RAMP helps us as Asthma Coordinators keep up to date on issues surrounding asthma. They have created a support network in which we are able to share experiences and resources.  So often there are programs or resources out there that we do not even know about, and RAMP has helped bring them together. RAMP also provides education and has speakers who bring strategies for working with certain populations which we can use in our every day practice.”
Alexa Silva, Asthma Start Program, Alameda County Public Health Department
“RAMP’s Asthma Action Plans, provided free of charge across the country, are a key tool for clinicians in working with patients to manage their asthma.”
— Mindy Benson MSN, PNP, Primary Care Manager & Asthma Program Manager, Children’s Hospital and Research Center Oakland
“Without the support of RAMP, the Ditching Dirty Diesel Collaborative would not have been able to attain the successes we have to date.  RAMP has provided a major part of the foundation and backbone of our collaborative.  And, because of its dedication to the collaborative process and commitment to allowing the grassroots organizations to take the lead on policy and process, we continue to survive and build capacity.”
Karen Goodson Pierce, Health Equity Projects, Office of the San Francisco County Health Officer