2011-2012 Legacy Grant Awardees

Health Resources in Action (HRiA )/Boston Healthy Homes and School Collaborative (BHHSC)

BHHSC will enhance their Boston Healthy Family Childcare Initiative by working on systems and policy change to promote eco-healthy family child care provider (FCP) facilities. The goals of the project are for FCP leadership institutions to gain knowledge about the importance of healthy indoor environments in family childcare facilities; for the MA Department of Early Education and Care regulatory policies for FCPs to be reflective of best practices in environmental health; and to create new catalysts that encourage FCPs to reduce environmental triggers in their facilities.

Breathe California of the Bay Area

The Community Risk Reduction Project will target high-pollution areas in San Jose, California to recruit, train, engage, and coordinate community residents. They will work with African American and Latino communities to ensure that their Community Risk Reduction Plans (CRRPs) will address cumulative health impacts and that the plans are implemented as designed. Project activities will be aimed at coalition development, leadership training and policy advocacy to achieve their overall goal of reducing health disparities from asthma in their African American and Latino communities.

Healthy Homes Collaborative

Their Implementing Integrated Pest Management in Privately Owned Multi-family Rental Housing; a multi-prong approach project will work to change the policy that currently cites landlords and essentially orders them to spray poisonous pesticides repeatedly. They will build upon data they have collected and analyzed to make the business case and promulgate policy at the local level. Utilizing peer educators from various trade associations, they will work with landlords and property management companies to gain support for the benefits of integrated pest management.