Creating Healthy Regional Transportation Plans: A Primer for California’s Public Health Community on Regional Transportation Plans and Sustainable Communities Strategies

This 38-page primer, developed by TransForm in collaboration with the California Department of Public Health, provides user-friendly information for local health departments and other public health professionals on opportunities for health promotion through Regional Transportation Plans (RTPs). Updated every four to five years, RTPs are tied to billions of dollars in state and federal transportation funds. As described in this document, recent research shows that promoting active transportation (biking, walking, wheeling, and use of public transit) can have tremendous health impacts and can significantly reduce healthcare costs. This primer helps demystify RTPs, explains key components and requirements, identifies ways to incorporate health-promoting strategies into RTPs, and showcases examples of regions improving community health through RTPs. Public health professionals can use this primer to make a case for focusing on strategies that not only improve transportation efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but also have dramatic health and health equity benefits.  To access the report click here.