Protect the National Asthma Control Program!

Dear asthma advocates,

As part of Asthma Awareness Month, there’s no better time to add your voice to the growing call for Congress to protect the only federal program dedicated exclusively to fighting asthma: the National Asthma Control Program (NCAP). Will you take just two minutes today to share your support for the program with your congressional representatives?

Since it was established in 1999, the Asthma Program has helped states and local communities to improve the quality of asthma care, build asthma management systems in schools, and promote policies to reduce air pollution. The program has also helped government officials to track asthma prevalence and other asthma-related data, which in turn allows stakeholders to craft effective public health interventions.

Despite these successes, the Asthma Program is threatened. President Obama has proposed eliminating the NACP as a stand alone program. Instead, he proposes to merge the Asthma Program with the Healthy Homes/Lead Poisoning Prevention Program and then slash the funding of the newly combined program. At a time when over 25 million Americans are affected by asthma, when the disease is responsible for thousands of deaths per year and annual health care expenditures of over $50 billion, now is not the time to ease up on effective asthma efforts.

You can help. Our allies with the American Lung Association are starting an online petition here. With just a couple of clicks you can send a strong message to Congress to protect the Asthma Program. Doing so will help families and communities across the country.

Thank you very much for your support.

Anne Kelsey Lamb, MPH