Thank Governor Brown For Supporting Healthier Community Planning

Thank Governor Brown For Supporting Healthier Community Planning

…and tell him there’s more to be done!

In signing AB 441 (Monning), sponsored by our partners CPEHN and TransForm, Governor Brown has made it easier to consider and incorporate health and equity into regional land-use and transportation planning.  Given how difficult legislative victories like this have been to achieve, please send a message of appreciation to the Governor, thanking him for providing another tool to support cleaner air and healthier communities and letting him know there is more to be done.  Three priority bills are still awaiting his signature:

  • SB 1339 (Yee) – This bill would give authority to regional entities in the San Francisco Bay Area to require medium and large businesses to provide commuter benefit options to employees that take alternative transportation to work.  This policy would encourage use of public transportation and help improve air quality.
  • The duo of SB 535 (de León) and AB 1532 (Pérez) address the use of revenue generated by greenhouse gas reduction policies.  These bills – both of which must be signed for either to take effect – set up a process for prioritizing the use of those funds and ensures a percentage of those funds target the disadvantaged communities most impacted by climate change, including efforts to improve air quality.

The Governor has until September 30th to sign bills, so please contact his office today! You can call the Governor’s office at 916-445-2841 and let him know that as a member of the asthma community, you thank him for signing AB 441 and encourage him to sign SB 1339 and the package of SB 535 and AB 1532 to help improve air quality and reduce the burden of asthma.

You can also fax or e-mail the Governor using this template as a guide to 916-558-3177 or click here.

If you take action, please let RAMP know (!