RAMP Digest — November 14, 2012


15 November 2012

As you may be aware, RAMP is a project of the Public Health Institute, which generates and promotes research, leadership and partnerships to build capacity for strong public health policy, programs, systems and practices. Recently, PHI’s new website, www.phi.org, went public. There, you’ll find publications and projects, alongside research, tools and news from PHI’s over 200 public health programs and projects. To sign up for PHI’s new email list, click here.You can also follow PHI on Facebook and Twitter. And speaking of social media, don’t forget that you can follow RAMP on Facebook and Twitter, too!


Webinar: Asthma in the Home Environment: The Healthy Homes Approach; 11/29

California Asthma Summit: Research to Practice; 12/5-12/6, San Francisco

Webinar: The Role of Community Health Workers in Asthma Management, 12/6

Studies and Reports

Maternal Smoking in Pregnancy and Asthma in Preschool Children: A Pooled Analysis of Eight Birth Cohorts

Exposure to Air Traffic Pollution in Infancy Impairs Lung Function in Children

Bacterial Protein in House Dust Spurs Asthma, According to NIH Study

Diesel Fumes More Polluting Than Gas, New California Study Finds

ARB-Funded Study Points Way to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Child Care Facilities

Unequal Exposures: People in Poor, Non-White Neighborhoods Breathe More Hazardous Particles

The Relationship between Asthma and Obesity in Urban Early Adolescents


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