RAMP Digest — January 24, 2013


24 January 2013


RSVP Now for Ethnic Health Institute’s 8th Annual Asthma and Diabetes Nurses Training in Oakland; 2/1

Webinar: Developing Mechanisms for Sustainable Funding of Community Asthma Management; 2/6


Webinar Recording of Role of Community Health Workers in Asthma Management Now Available

Let’s Bench Asthma: Keep Students with Asthma Physically Active and in the Game – Webinar Transcript Now Available

Studies and Reports

CDC Releases State-Based, Work-Related Asthma Surveillance Data

Fast Food Consumption Linked to Asthma

Exercise-Induced Asthma May Be Behind High Rates of ER Visits in Asthma Hot Spots

Study Examines Divergent Effects of Urban Air Pollution on Allergic Airway Responses

Early Asthma in Child More Likely with High Pollen Levels in Late Pregnancy

Endocrine Disruptors and Asthma-Associated Chemicals in Consumer Products

Hospital Admissions for Childhood Asthma after Smoke-Free Legislation in England

Research Explores Concept of Asthma Self-Management in Adolescents


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