Study Shows Value of Using the Phone to Promote Asthma Management

A study published last year in Family Medicine studied “the effectiveness of AAP implementation by phone to improve asthma control. Adult patients with asthma participating in a managed care insurance plan at a university-based family medicine residency clinic were enrolled in the study. Patients were contacted by phone, and an initial Asthma Control Score (ACS) was assessed. Patients with an ACS <20 (uncontrolled asthma) had their medication adjusted and a new AAP implemented by phone. Uncontrolled patients were reassessed by phone monthly and management was adjusted until control was achieved. Of 48 patients, 42 (87.5%) were reached by phone. On initial assessment, 33 (69%) were controlled. After implementation of the new AAP by phone, seven of nine (78%) initially uncontrolled patients were controlled, for a total of 40 (83%) patients controlled by the end of the study.” The authors conclude that “asthma management using the ACS and AAP by phone is a feasible strategy that is acceptable to patients and can improve asthma control without the need for an office visit.” The abstract is available online