Pest-Free Housing Bill Clears Senate; We Still Need Your Support!

With support from many of you, SB 488, authored by Senator Hueso and co-sponsored by RAMP, cleared an important hurdle by unanimously passing the Senate on May 13th.

The bill would address an existing gap in enforcement by expanding the authority to determine pest infestations to local code enforcement officers in jurisdictions without the services of a Local Health Officer. This would ensure that all tenants, regardless of where they live, can have existing laws enforced ensuring their homes are healthy and pest-free. Because of the clear links between exposure to pests and asthma and because substandard housing conditions are more common in the same low income communities and communities of color where we find the strongest disparities in asthma rates and outcomes, addressing this loophole is an important step in addressing the community and environmental inequities that contribute to asthma disparities. Click here to learn more about this issue.

While we are happy to pass the Senate, there is still work to be done to pass this into law. Up next is the Assembly Committee on Housing and Community Development. The bill will be heard in committee on June 19th. If you’d like to support this bill, you can fax a letter of support to Senator Hueso’s office. To be included in the committee analysis, letters of support need to be submitted by June 12thClick here for a sample letter, including contact information.

Thank you for your support!