Report Connects State Laws and School Environmental Health

Published by the Environmental Law Institute, “Topics in School Environmental Health: Overview of State Laws” is a resource for public officials, advocates and others interested in strengthening state policies to create healthy school environments that support learning and academic achievement. Over 55 million children and six million adults across the U.S.spend their days in K-12 schools. To give children the best chance for educational success, these school facilities need to be free of environmental problems that impact health and impede learning. Poor environmental conditions can thwart academic progress by making it harder for students to concentrate, causing or exacerbating illness in students and staff, increasing absences and lost work days, and diverting school funds to pay for costly repair and remediation projects. Attention to environmental quality is important not only for promoting wellness and advancing the core educational mission, but also for preserving the financial health of school systems. “Topics in School Environmental Health: Overview of State Laws” shows how states have addressed several key school IAQ issues through their laws and regulations. Many of the topics included here are especially important for creating asthma-friendly schools, and many can be addressed through low-cost measures.