Kids’ Lingering Asthma Associated with Severity, Pet Allergies, and Gender

A study published online in July in the journal Pediatrics examined “the remission and persistence of childhood asthma and related factors.” According to the study abstract, children aged 7 to 8 years in northern Sweden were tracked until they were 19 years old. “Remission was defined as no use of asthma medication and no wheeze during the past 12 months as reported at endpoint and in the 2 annual surveys preceding endpoint. At age 19 years, 21% were in remission, 38% had periodic asthma, and 41% persistent asthma. Remission was more common among boys. Sensitization to furred animals and a more severe asthma at age 7 to 8 years were both inversely associated with remission….Asthma heredity, damp housing, rural living, and smoking were not associated with remission.” The abstract is available online. The New York Times also covered the study.