Breathe Easies PSAs Designed for Kids and Caregivers

What Do You Get When You Mix Asthma, Puppets and Rock Music? The Breathe Easies! EPA and the Ad Council are excited to launch public service announcements (PSAs) featuring a new band of puppets who star in online music videos for kids and caregivers about asthma triggers and how to prevent attacks. Asthma stakeholders can help spread the word by:

  • Get familiar with the Breathe Easies PSAs (click here to watch them in Spanish!)
  • Promote in your community, among kids and families and with your partners
  • Encourage parents and caregivers to use the tools and resources in this new campaign to help prevent kids’ asthma attacks
  • Post these messages on Twitter and Facebook to broaden outreach:
    • Learn how to prevent attacks with new catchy songs for #kids about #asthma. Visit today!
    • Want to see a #publichealth campaign that is both fun and effective? Click here: #Asthma #PSA
    • Have you heard these catchy kids’ songs about asthma by the Breathe Easies? Created by @U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Ad Council, these songs appear in new PSAs that make learning about #asthma triggers fun for kids and parents. Visit!
    • Looking for a fun and easy way to talk with kids about asthma? @U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Ad Council teamed up to create the Breathe Easies, a rock band that sings about #asthma triggers and #asthma attack prevention.