San Joaquin Valley: Public Health at the Crossroads Report

San Joaquin Valley leaders are making land use and planning decisions in 2014 that will affect public health and air quality for decades to come. Past planning decisions that have expanded away from walkable downtowns and community cores have contributed to higher than average rates of air pollution, asthma, and a wide variety of chronic illnesses and health disparities. Public health is at a critical crossroads: will the future be more of the same unhealthy growth, or will decisions help to revitalize existing communities with healthier transportation choices? This new series of briefing papers from the American Lung Association in California offers information on the current air quality and public health burdens facing San Joaquin Valley residents; county-specific estimates of traffic pollution-related public health impacts and costs that could be avoided through healthier growth; and county-specific recommendations for healthier planning strategies. Visit the ALA’s smart growth website for more information.