The state of CA’s air; depression and asthma onset; and are asthma and bone loss connected?


May 15, 2014

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Asthma Awareness Month continues! It’s a great time to increase awareness of the disease and to continue working toward solutions. The Centers for Disease Control, the Childhood Asthma Leadership Coalition, and the National Asthma Control Initiative have put together some excellent tools and resources to help you spread the word. Check them out!

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Webinar: High-Performing Collaborations and Partnerships in Providing Asthma Care Services; 5/20

Applications Now Accepted for Asthma-Friendly Schools Initiative Champion Awards; Deadline 6/16


EPA and CDC’s School Health Policies and Practices Study: Key Findings on School Indoor Environments


Fact Sheet Highlights Impact of Asthma in California

CA Environmental Health Tracking Program Examines Agricultural Pesticide Use near Public Schools

American Lung Association Releases “State of the Air 2014”

Climate Change Threatens to Set Back Improvements in CA’s Air Quality, Report Finds

Research Summarizes Air Pollution and Asthma Link

National Analysis Finds People of Color Exposed to Nearly Forty Percent Higher Levels of Outdoor Air Pollution

Research Points to Short-Term Pollution Spikes and Timing of New-Onset Asthma

Depression Symptoms and Adult-Onset Asthma in African American Women

Making Sense of Childhood Asthma: Lessons for Building a Better System of Care

Study Considers Whether People with Asthma are Prone to Bone Loss


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