Cleaner California freight; reimbursement for community health workers; new asthma data, and more


January 30, 2014

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Dirty diesel pollution has long plagued California’s skies and our families’ lungs. Produced by all facets of our freight transportation system — from ships to port equipment to trains to trucks to distribution centers — toxic diesel pollution is an asthma trigger and may contribute to the onset of asthma in otherwise healthy people. Diesel pollution also inequitably burdens low income communities and communities of color.

But amidst dark plumes of diesel there’s reason to be optimistic. A recently released report outlines solutions for overhauling the state’s freight system to protect public health, meet air quality standards and slow the pace of climate change.

The new study commissioned by the California Cleaner Freight Coalition, Moving California Forward, Zero and Low-Emissions Freight Pathways, evaluates strategies for modernizing how goods are moved through California. By evaluating alternatives to conventional diesel vehicles, the analysis aims to inform a statewide plan for cleaning up freight transportation.

RAMP is a proud member of the California Cleaner Freight Coalition, and we look forward to working with many of you, state policymakers and other stakeholders to ensure cleaner air and healthier lungs for all of our communities.

Now on to our regular updates!


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