Study Indicates Premature Babies with Asthma Tend to Outgrow It

In the February, 2015, edition of the journal Plos One, research note that “preterm birth is associated with increased risk of asthma-like symptoms and purchase of prescription asthma medication in childhood. We investigated whether this association persists into adulthood…” The authors conducted a study of associations between infants born between 1980-2009 in Denmark, “neonatal respiratory morbidity,” and later asthma medication purchase. They concluded that “there was a strong dose-response association between gestational age and the purchase of prescription asthma medication in infancy and childhood. This association weakened during adolescence and was mostly non-significant in young adulthood. The increased risk of prescription asthma medication purchase in ex-preterm children could only partly be explained by neonatal respiratory morbidity.”

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