Celebrate Healthy Housing Victories!

Thanks to RAMP and its partners, two new healthy housing policies will reduce exposure to indoor asthma triggers, particularly in the low income communities and communities of color inequitably burdened by the disease.

First, in August, Governor Brown signed SB 328, authored by Senator Ben Hueso and co-sponsored by the California Association of Code Enforcement Officers (CACEO) and RAMP.  SB 328 guarantees tenants have a right to know about the pesticides used where they live by requiring landlords that self-apply pesticides to notify tenants of when and where pesticide products are used.  Here is a fact sheet for the bill (including a list of supporters).

Second, in October, the governor signed SB 655, making California the first state to explicitly declare mold an enforceable substandard housing condition.  Authored by Senator Holly Mitchell and co-sponsored again by CACEO and RAMP, SB 655 provides a clear signal to local enforcement agencies that they can require owners to fix mold problems.  Here is a fact sheet for the bill (including a list of supporters).

These protections from exposure to pesticides and mold in rental housing go into effect on January 1st.

Please join us in thanking Governor Brown for signing these bills and Senators Hueso and Mitchell for their leadership on healthy housing issues.

You can e-mail the governor by following this link, selecting “other” in the drop down menu, and thanking the Governor for signing SB 328 and SB 655.

You can thank Senator Hueso for his commitment to healthy housing by following this link.

And you can thank Senator Mitchell for her leadership in steering the mold bill through the legislature here.

Finally, a big thank you to all our partners whose input, advocacy, and support were vital to this year’s successes!