Report Showcases Effective and Sustainable Childhood Asthma Interventions

In October, 2015, the Merck Childhood Asthma Network released evaluation findings from its 10-year initiative targeted at responding to the burden and associated morbidity of childhood asthma. According to the report, the work of MCAN and its partners over the past decade contributed to reduced asthma symptoms for youth in impoverished and medically underserved communities in the United States.

Translating Evidence into Practice” highlights:

  • The implementation of evidence-based interventions (EBI) and their role in reducing morbidity related to childhood asthma
  • Advocacy for public policy debate and changes needed to facilitate improved asthma care
  • Sustainability of effective interventions in diverse settings, primarily in impoverished communities

To learn more about MCAN’s impact, read the complete Impact Report or Key Highlights and join us in commemorating this exceptional initiative.