Review Explores the Links Between Maternal Vitamin D and Childhood Asthma, Wheeze, and Eczema

An article in Pediatric Allergy and Immunology published in May, 2016, investigated the associations between maternal vitamin D and childhood allergic diseases. The study found that “lower maternal vitamin D during pregnancy was associated with an increased risk of childhood eczema but was not associated with childhood asthma or wheeze,” though the role of vitamin D as “an important protective factor for the development of childhood eczema” was not explored.

The study involved a “systematic review and meta-analysis…using prospective cohort studies that examined the association between maternal vitamin D status and childhood allergic diseases including wheeze, eczema and asthma,” and included searches of multiple online databases of medical journals up to August 2014. After their search, researchers found four studies on maternal vitamin D and childhood wheeze, three papers on the association between vitamin D and eczema, and four studies regarding vitamin D and childhood asthma.

The abstract for the study can be found here.