Study Explores the Association Between Extreme Heat and Precipitation and Hospitalization for Asthma

An article published in January, 2016, in Environmental Health examined the association between extreme heat and precipitation events and hospitalization for asthma in Maryland. In order to investigate the potential relationship, researchers used a “time-stratified case-crossover design to examine the association between exposure to extreme heat and precipitation events and risk of hospitalization.”

Results showed extreme heat events “increased the risk of same day hospitalization,” by 3%. In addition, “summertime extreme precipitation events increased the risk of hospitalization for asthma by 11%.” The effects were most pronounced in youth and adults for extreme heat events, while children under four had the greatest incidence rate for extreme precipitation. The researchers concluded “exposure to extreme heat and extreme precipitation events, particularly during summertime, is associated with increased risk of hospitalization for asthma in Maryland.”

The abstract for the article can be found here.