Study Reviews Education Parameters for Underserved Children with Asthma

In an article published in June, 2016, in the Journal of Asthma, researchers conducted a review of “self-management education and trigger remediation using a multi-trigger, multi-component educational intervention approach” to “identify common educational parameters of these proposed interventions.” In addition, the study sought to investigate if clinical outcomes improved under this approach.

In conducting the study, researchers reviewed 531 articles and selected 17 that met their criteria, which were “1) participants were minority children identified as underserved; 2) there was a multi-trigger and multicomponent intervention; 3) asthma severity was classified as persistent; and 4) asthma control was classified as not well controlled.” After reviewing the articles, the researchers found “the interventions lacked consistency in their explanation,” and that “most studies were vague in reporting pedagogical methods and educational content.” Despite this, “all of the findings demonstrated statistically significant results in some or all of their primary outcomes.” The lack of clarity unfortunately makes it much more difficult to replicate the results of the studies in the future.

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