RAMP and the California School-Based Health Alliance Wrap Up Year-Long Learning Collaborative

RAMP and the California School-Based Health Alliance just wrapped up a year-long learning collaborative of six school-based health centers in California that each implemented an intervention to reduce environmental asthma triggers. They successfully implemented such interventions as: the EPA’s flag program to increase awareness about the connection between air pollution and asthma; classroom trigger assessments to help teachers identify low- and no-cost changes that can improve indoor air quality in their classrooms; the integration of home environmental trigger assessments into an asthma education program; a switch to asthma-friendlier cleaning products; and a partnership with bus drivers to reduce idling. Across these interventions, there were many lessons learned including:

  • The importance of relationship-building cannot be emphasized enough!
  • When relying on other people to make a change, it’s important to understand what their perceived barriers are and to address those barriers directly.
  • It can be effective to identify a champion to advance an intervention among her/his colleagues.
  • It can be effective to work with students to lead an intervention.
  • Framing policy changes around health impacts can increase buy-in.
  • Taking the time to get buy-in upfront ultimately saves time and increases the success of the intervention.
  • SBHCs can find creative ways to save money (for example, buying supplies in bulk discounted prices and utilizing volunteers to conduct components of the intervention).

Their presentations detailing their experience can be found below: