Study Examines Methods of Delivering Asthma Educational Interventions for Rural School Children

The Journal of Rural Health published an article in June 2016 testing modes of “delivering an asthma educational intervention on health outcomes and asthma self-management in school-aged children who live in rural areas.” Over the course of a year, researchers followed the progress of students in grades 2 – 5 who were diagnosed with asthma. Elementary schools with these students were randomly assigned “1 of 3 treatment arms: in-school asthma class, asthma day camp, or the attention-control group.”

Attending the asthma class or day camp led to improvements in emergency department and office visits, as well as a significant decrease in the severity of asthma. “Hospitalizations, parent asthma management, and child asthma management improved for all groups.”

The abstract for the article is located here.