RAMP Receives 2016 Housing and Urban Development Secretary’s Award for Healthy Homes

RAMP is thrilled and humbled to receive the 2016 Housing and Urban Development Secretary’s Award for Healthy Homes on behalf of the California Healthy Housing Coalition (CHHC)!

The Award, only three of which are given nationwide, recognizes excellence in healthy housing innovation and achievement. RAMP and the CHHC are honored for our track record in state policy solutions for local housing challenges, including:

  • Making California the first state in the nation to add visible mold as an enforceable substandard housing condition (SB 655).
  • Providing all jurisdictions in California with means to require landlords to address pest infestations (SB 488)
  • Pushing code enforcement officers to address substandard conditions that contribute to pest infestations (SB 1167)
  • Requiring landlords to provide notification to tenants prior to using pesticides to minimize exposure risk (SB 328)

RAMP and the CHHC could not have accomplished these policy wins without strong partners, including California State Senators Hueso and Mitchell, who championed our issues in the legislature. Other key partners include the California Pan-Ethnic Health Network (CPEHN), the California Association of Code Enforcement Officers, and Physicians for Social Responsibility – Los Angeles – the organizations that served as co-sponsors on healthy housing legislation. RAMP and the CHHC are also grateful to The Kresge Foundation for supporting our healthy housing efforts since 2011.