Committed to Health and Equity

Asthma isn’t just a disease; it’s a symptom of community conditions. Where we lack affordable and healthy housing, access to quality care, and clean air to breathe, the burden of asthma is worse. Where we improve inequitable community conditions, we not only improve asthma outcomes, but we also reduce the disparate burden of asthma.

Our country faces an uncertain future. Potential changes to the Affordable Care Act, regulations that reduce pollution and mitigate climate change, and funding for healthy housing may have significant and negative effects on the health of our communities. We fear the changes won’t be shouldered equally, but that the greatest impacts will be on low-income communities and communities of color.

That is why it’s more important than ever to keep fighting for health and equity. We are committed to creating healthier communities by tackling the social and environmental injustices that lead to disparities in asthma. Together with partners like you, our communities can be healthier and more just.