Impacts of a Community Health Worker Intervention for Comorbid Asthma and Obesity

A December 2016 article in BMC Pediatrics sought to “test the feasibility and impact of a Community Health Worker (CHW) intervention for comorbid asthma and obesity.” To determine the effects, researchers collected pre- and post-outcomes for 46 children between the ages of 5-12 “with physician-diagnosed asthma and body mass index (BMI) >85%.” Families received 12 home visits from CHWs “that integrated asthma and obesity core curriculums.” Results were then measured using the Childhood Asthma Control Test and child BMI.

After a year of intervention, “there was a significant improvement in the number of children with controlled asthma,” and “activity limitations and emergency utilization were reduced.” The Children’s BMI z-score was also reduced, though “no association was seen between change in child BMI and change in asthma control.”

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