Infographic: In-Home Asthma Services in California — A Key Component of Asthma Care

What types of in-home services are provided? Who provides them? How many visits are conducted? What kinds of education materials are used? Who trains the home visitors? These are some of the questions answered by a 2016 survey of California’s asthma in-home visiting programs conducted by California Asthma Financing (CAF), a network of stakeholders working to provide greater patient access to these proven asthma interventions.

This infographic is a snapshot of current programs in California. Information includes:

  • In more than 60% of the programs, home visits are conducted by community health workers, promotores, or community health promoters.
  • About two thirds of the visits include some level of environmental trigger remediation.
  • Based on expert guidance and models, there’s considerable variation in the curriculum used to train home visitors and to educate patients and families.

To download the infographic, click here or the image below.

California Asthma Financing (CAF) is a committed group of over 100 state and local leaders, advocates, health plans, federal representatives, community-based health organizations, and other health- and housing-focused professionals working to improve the sustainability of in-home asthma services such as patient education and trigger assessment and remediation. RAMP has been a member and leader within CAF since its inception in late 2015.

For more information on RAMP’s legislative efforts to increase the sustainability of these services, click here.