Researchers Investigate Vitamin D Deficiency’s Role in Asthma

In the December 2016 Italian Journal of Pediatrics, researchers detailed a study to determine the impacts of vitamin D levels on asthma in children.  To conduct the study, 106 individuals were sorted into groups of people with and without asthma, and then their level of serum Vitamin D was measured. Results were categorized as sufficient (> 30 ng/ml), insufficient (20 to 30 ng/ml), or deficient (< 20 ng/ml). In the group with asthma, patients were classified as having their asthma controlled, partially controlled, and uncontrolled.

The researchers found “presence of vitamin D deficiency effectively predicts increased risk for childhood asthma.” They also found “Although the presence of asthma was strongly associated with reduced level of vitamin D in serum, neither severity of asthma nor control status of asthma were associated with vitamin D deficiency.”

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