Study Examines Asthma Medication Use in Adults with Work-Related Asthma

An article in the July 2017 edition of The Journal of Asthma, examined the association between asthma medications and work-related asthma (WRA). Workers were classified as having WRA when they “had been told by a physician that their asthma was work related,” and as having possible WRA if they “had asthma caused or made worse by their current or previous job, but did not have physician-diagnosed WRA.” Associations were then studied between asthma medications and WRA status.

The results of the study found “those with WRA were more likely to have taken anti-cholingergics, leukotriene pathway inhibitors, and methylxanthine and those with possible WRA were more likely to have taken methylxanthine.” The researchers concluded there is “a higher proportion of severe asthma among adults with WRA compared to non-WRA,” and “adults with WRA may require additional intervention, such as environmental controls or removal from the workplace exposure.”

To read the article’s abstract, click here.