Study Seeks to Evaluate Impact of Shared Decision Making on Children with Asthma

The Journal of Asthma included an August 2017 article aimed at evaluating “the impact of Shared Decision Making (SDM) on quality of life and symptom control in children with asthma.” In order to do so, researched “conducted a prospective 3-year study in six community-based practices serving a low-income patient population.” Practices in the study received training on SDM, and then identified patients aged 2-17 diagnosed with asthma through scheduling and billing data. Patients then completed a survey at 6-month intervals, and scores were used “to match 46 children receiving SDM to 46 children receiving usual care.” In examining the results, researchers noted “receipt of SDM using an evidence-based toolkit was associated with higher asthma quality of life,” and “fewer asthma control problems” compared those receiving usual care.

To view the article’s abstract, click here.