Study Identifies Challenges of Disadvantaged Adults with Asthma in Mitigation Social and Environmental Factors

The July 2017 edition of Journal of Asthma includes an article identifying “challenges disadvantaged adults with asthma face in mitigating social and environmental factors associated with poor symptom control.” To examine this, researches used a community-engaged approach by partnering with a community health center, and conducted “in-person interviews and a written survey of asthmatic adults with poor symptom control.” They then analyzed the interviews to “establish emerging themes and identify common barriers to improved outcomes.”

The researchers “identified three themes that summarize the challenges the study participants face: 1) Lack of knowledge about home and workplace asthma triggers; 2) Lack of awareness of legal rights or resources available to mitigate adverse conditions in the home or work environment; and 3) Fear of retaliation from landlords or employers, including threats of eviction, sexual assault, and job loss.” The researchers suggest “these challenges may best be addressed through legal advocacy for those most at risk.”

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