Urban Institute Releases the Relationship Between Housing and Asthma Among School-Age Children Report

In late 2017 the Urban Institute released an analysis of the 2015 American Housing Survey exploring “variations in asthma prevalence and asthma-related ER use among school-age children (ages 5 to 17) by a wide array of housing and household characteristics.”

The Institute’s analysis found that “households with kids are more likely to have at least one with asthma when they also report exposure to smoke, mold, and leaks in their home.”  They also found “Smoking inside the home and mold in the bedroom are associated with more ER and urgent care visits,” and “renters with kids are more likely to have asthma triggers in their homes than owners.” The full report includes all their findings, as well as policy implications and suggested areas for future research.

To view the full report, click here.