American Lung Association Looking For Partners for “Year of Air Pollution & Health”

The American Lung Association (ALA) is excited to announce that in January 2019, the organization will launch the “Year of Air Pollution & Health” to increase public education and engagement around air pollution and health. Health and medical partners will be a critical part of this campaign, and the ALA is looking for partners to collaborate on the effort.

The ALA has created this Google Form to complete in order to join as an official partner for the “Year of Air Pollution & Health.” Any health and medical organization can join.

The form gives an overview of the “Year of Air Pollution & Health” campaign, details the different levels of partnership, lists the specific monthly themes of the year, and asks about the specific efforts organizations can do. If you have any questions about this form or the “Year of Air Pollution & Health,” please contact Jenny Bard at the American Lung Association in California at

Request deadline: The ALA is hoping for organizational commitments by December 12th. However, if organizations needs more time to review, the ALA welcomes your commitment at a later date.