New Legislation Introduced to Expand Access to Asthma Home Visiting Services

California State Senator Melissa Hurtado has introduced SB 207, which would increase access to asthma education and home environmental trigger remediation among Medi-Cal beneficiaries with poorly controlled asthma.

There is robust evidence showing that asthma education and in-home assessments improve the lives of people with asthma and reduce costly visits to the emergency room. This legislation, cosponsored by RAMP, will make sure that these services are available to the people who need these services the most.

The bill’s two other cosponsors had this to say:

“California’s low-income and communities of color are more likely to have asthma and to be hospitalized or to visit the emergency room for preventable asthma related conditions. SB 207 provides families with the tools they need in a language they understand to manage their conditions so they can work and stay healthy. It will reduce health care costs and result in healthier communities.”

– Sarah de Guia, Executive Director, California Pan-Ethnic Health Network (CPEHN)

“Asthma is the most common chronic disease afflicting kids, affecting roughly 1.2 million of California’s children. It is a leading factor for children missing school, and when it’s not managed effectively, kids can end up in the emergency room, which takes a toll on children and their families, and is costly for the state. Almost in fact, nearly 90 percent of all pediatric asthma emergency department visits are by children in Medi-Cal.  This legislation makes strong investments in preventive care and asthma education for kids in Medi-Cal so kids can have better outcomes and more efficient care.”

– Ted Lempert, President, Children Now

We’re so excited to be taking on this issue in collaboration with Senator Hurtado and many advocates in California. If you haven’t yet had a chance to sign on to this campaign, take a moment to do so today!