Union of Concerned Scientists Releases Fact Sheet on Inequitable Exposure to Air Pollution from Vehicles in California

The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) has released a fact sheet, Inequitable Exposure to Air Pollution from Vehicles in California, which helps to demonstrate the strong need for programs California has developed to reduce vehicular pollution. The analysis highlights 1) the production of unhealthy air by cars, trucks, and buses, and 2) who bears the biggest burden of exposure.

Findings from the fact sheet include:

  • African Americans, Latinos and Asian Californians are exposed to more vehicle pollution than white Californians.
  • People living in LA County are exposed to 60% more pollution than the state average and 250% more than the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Households with the lowest incomes are exposed to more particulate matter than the highest income households.

In addition to the fact sheet, UCS has released an interactive map that allows users to see data for census tracts in the state. The data from this study is also available to those who are interested by contacting David Reichmuth.

To view the fact sheet, click here.

To view the fact sheet in Spanish, click here.