Researchers Work to Develop Comprehensive Plan to Integrate Asthma Evidence-Based Interventions

An article in the May 2019 edition of The Journal of Asthma explores developing a comprehensive plan to integrate asthma evidence-based interventions (EBI) across home, school, community and primary care settings. Researchers endeavored to learn the needs of and resources of the community by undertaking focus groups, key informant interviews, secondary data analysis, and pilot testing. After identifying consistent themes across settings, researchers selected EBIs to address the gaps. Based on their interventions, “a community health worker (CHW) intervention to connect home, primary care, and school resulted in an efficient transfer of asthma medications and medication administration forms to the school nurse office for students with uncontrolled asthma.” They also found there was “limited success in reducing asthma disparities for low-income children,” but noted that the study “offers hope that strategically positioning CHWs may work synergistically to close gaps in care.”

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