E4TheFuture Releases Energy-Plus-Health Playbook

In late 2019, E4TheFuture released the Energy-Plus-Health Playbook. Created primarily to support program administrators designing or developing energy efficiency programs, the 84-page Playbook outlines three program tiers with increasing levels of health and energy integration. Written and developed by VEIC, with input from energy and health experts, funding for the Playbook was provided by E4TheFuture.

For program administrators and key stakeholders seeking to identify new customer engagement strategies, including the potential for leveraging energy efficiency and health funds, the Playbook offers helpful guidance on varying program design options, with example case studies. You’re invited to read Orchestrating a Better Outcome: New playbook offers guidance on “energy-plus-health” programs, which describes how the Playbook can help to harmonize the home energy and health sectors to improve occupant health and energy outcomes.

Download the entire playbook here and view the Executive Summary here.