National Center for Healthy Housing Releases “Why Partner with Energy Stakeholders and Programs?

In late 2019 the National Center for Healthy Housing (NCHH) released a new resource to help asthma programs partner with energy stakeholders, Why Partner with Energy Stakeholders and Programs?  This resource includes a video presentation, slides and key readings to highlight why energy programs can be of value to those working to advance and sustain in-home asthma care. You’ll learn the following:

  • Why collaborating with energy programs makes sense.
  • How to find potential energy partners for your program.
  • Examples of existing asthma-energy collaborations across the country.

In addition, the mini-module includes links and downloadable reports summarizing research on occupant health benefits of residential energy efficiency as well as research showing that home performance upgrades can improve the quality of a home’s indoor environment by reducing the prevalence of harmful indoor air pollutants and contaminants. The module also offers information on low-income weatherization programs. Visit the module here (free registration is required).