Save the date: 16th Annual San Francisco Asthma Network Meeting; 11/13

Please save the date! The 16th Annual San Francisco Asthma Network Meeting will take place on November 13th, 2020, from 8:00am-5:00pm Pacific Time. Registration details will be available soon.

The current agenda includes:

  • Bret Ley, MD – Asthma Gina Guidelines 2020 (KPSF)
  • J Raul Gutierrez, MD – Immigrant Medicine 2 – Shifting Social Determinants of Health (UCSF)
  • Andrea Marmor, MD – Improving Asthma Virtual Visits and Learning from Our Remote Experience (UCSF)
  • Shawn Tyler, MD – Culturally Sensitive Care, Communicating with Hispanic Patients (KPSF)
  • Ingrid Lim, MD – Making it Stick – Improving Asthma Education for Patients and Learners (KPSF)
  • Chris Geiger, PhD – Update from San Francisco Environment (SFDPH)
  • Bryce Hoffman, MD – Asthma and Aerobiology in Northern California (KPSF)
  • Jodi Thirtyacre, BA– Human Co-Design 2, Including the Voice of the Patient (KPSF)
  • Sachin Gupta, MD – Differential Diagnosis of Chronic Cough (Alameda Health Systems)
  • Mark Gaines, Psy.D – Diversity/Health Disparities (KPSF)
  • Suzaynn Schick, PhD – Marijuana 3– Integrating Respiratory Risks (UCSF)
  • Sohil Sud, MD – Covid-19 & Schools: Updates in Transmission & Protection Strategies- (UCSF)
  • Christopher Tyler, MD – Pulmonary/Asthma/Critical Care Chalk Talks (KPSF)
  • Naveena Bobba, MD – Covid-19 and San Francisco (SFDPH)