Scientists Collaborate on FAQs To Protect Yourself from COVID-19 Aerosol Transmission

Scientists and engineers with many years of collective research experience related to indoor air quality, aerosol science, aerosol disease transmission, and engineered control systems for aerosols have come together to produce a publicly accessible document on FAQs on Protecting Yourself from COVID-19 Aerosol Transmission. The authors explain, “The goal of these FAQs is to provide information to the general public in an efficient manner about how to prevent aerosol transmission of COVID-19, with the hope that this will allow more informed decision making by individuals or organizations… Having multiple experts working together, and having the ability to update this information also improves its quality.” The FAQs address such information is the definition of aerosol transmission, the distinction between aerosol and droplet transmission, the role of humidity and temperature on aerosol transmission, and the length of time that SARS-CoV-2 remains infectious in aerosols. This information is then followed up a robust list of recommendations, addressing such things as aerosol transmission in cars, schools, airplanes, and outdoors, as well as the role of masks, ventilation, and filtration in limited aerosol transmission. Click here to review the FAQs.