Beating the Surge with Control of Airborne Exposure: Practical Tools to Prevent Airborne Virus Transmission Risk

Karen Cohn, MS, Certified Industrial Hygienist, Senior Public Health Consultant and former Program Manager, San Francisco Department of Public Health’s Children’s Environmental Health Promotion Program, released a January, 2021, presentation on reducing airborne virus transmission risk. The slides can be found here and here. The presentation includes: what we know about airborne transmission of COVID-19; using ventilation and filtration to reduce airborne transmission; and the role of temperature, humidity, and other factors in COVID-19 transmission. The presentation includes scientific evidence, practical tips, and small group learning activities.
The poster below on Make the air in your home safer during COVID-19 by increasing ventilation and filtration developed by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health provides a great summary of the recommendations. Click here to download the PDF versions in English and Spanish.