Study Examines Global, Regional, and National Health Burden Associated with Exposure to Household Air Pollution

In The Lancet, Global Health’s November 2020 issue, researchers conducted a systematic review, meta-analysis, and burden estimation study to estimate the global, regional, and national health burden associated with exposure to household air pollution. Researchers “systematically searched four databases for studies published from database inception to April 2, 2020, that evaluated the risk of adverse cardiorespiratory, pediatric, and maternal outcomes from exposure to household air pollution compared with no exposure….Temporal trends in mortality and disease burden associated with household air pollution, as measured by disability-adjusted life-years (DALYs), were estimated from 2000 to 2017.”

476 studies including a total of 15.5 million participants from 123 nations met the researcher’s inclusion criteria. They found “the burden of cardiorespiratory, pediatric, and maternal diseases associated with household air pollution has declined worldwide but remains high in the world’s poorest regions. Urgent integrated health and energy strategies are needed to reduce the adverse health impact of household air pollution.”

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