U.S. EPA Shares Webinars and Tools on Addressing IAQ and COVID-19 in Schools

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently hosted a series of webinars on indoor air quality (IAQ) and schools throughout 2020, many of which focused specifically on how proper IAQ management also reduces COVID-19 risk. Specifically, through viewing the webinars, you can learn:
  • strategies for operating and maintaining efficient HVAC systems to provide clean and healthy air in schools;
  • how to tailor your cleaning and maintenance plans and procedures to help implement cleaning guidance for schools and reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria;
  • strategies for developing a comprehensive IAQ management plan to proactively prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria in schools; and,
  • strategies for reducing aerosol exposure.
The webinars can be found here. In addition to the webinars, the EPA has a variety of resources to help support and advance this work, including the IAQ Tools for Schools: Preventive Maintenance Guidance and the School IAQ Assessment Mobile App.