Environmental Protection Agency Seeks Input on a Grant Program for Wildfire Smoke Preparedness in Community Buildings; Input Due 11/14

The Environmental Protection Agency is seeking public input on implementation of a new $4 million grant program for wildfire smoke preparedness in community buildings. Specifically, they are looking for input on the design of the program and types of projects and grant recipients that may be eligible for the program. They are especially interested in: 

  • What types of buildings are in need of assistance and how can they be better prepared for wildfire smoke events in the long term? 
  • What lessons from these projects could be applied to future projects? 
  • What kind of support would be helpful to potential applicants, particularly those in economically distressed communities? 

For more information, click here. To submit feedback, please reach out by November 14th to WildfireSmokeGrants_Feedback@epa.gov.